The Theory and The References of the Earthquake Forecast Project

Keywords : Quasistatic wave, SiO2, Piezoelectric effect, Plastic deformation test, MOS FET

  a) Pattern analysis
  b) Test mechanism
  c) Explanation 1
d) The objective area of the first and second steps of the project
e) References

Some Related Documents :

Introduction to VAN method - S.UYEDA

A Dislocation Model for Seismic Electric Signals - L.M. SILIFKIN

Notes on Generation and Propagation of Seismic Transient Electric Signals - Yuji ENOMOTO

Electrical Potential Changes and Acoustic Emissions Generated By Fracture and fluid Flow During Experimental Triaxial Rock Deformation Oswald C. CLINT, PhD Thesis, London University, November 1999 (5MB-PDF)

Unusual Animal Behavior Before Earthquakes - Ruth E. BUSKIRK, Cliff FROHLICH, and Gary V. LATHAM (in progress)


Forecasterprn.pdf ; Dowloadable file prepared in Adobe-Acrobat format, for the presentation of the project.

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